BENTELLI Designer Platinum

The first of its kind, this special BENTELLI collection captures all the important factors of a quality branded jewellery range with the added advantages of being made from platinum and set with quality diamonds.

The BENTELLI brand consists of beautifully designed pieces, manufactured in highly polished platinum - the ultimate precious metal and set with diamonds, at prices that everyone can afford.

The collection is styled along classic lines with a hint of elegance and fashion flair. From simple stud earrings and pendants, diamond set in fine rub over settings, to a selection of unusual pendant and earring sets.


BENTELLI Bridal 'I DO' Collection

I DO is the bridal collection from BENTELLI. From diamond engagement rings and wedding bands expressing eternal love and commitment, to earrings, necklaces and brooches, diamond jewellery is an integral part of the magic surrounding marriage.

I DO offers a complete collection including all the important bridal diamond jewellery categories designed along classic lines with a touch of modern flair and finished to the highest standards.

You dont compromise on love so why compromise on how you express it.

The ultimate gesture, say I DO with BENTELLI.

BENTELLI feels good to the touch, feels special to wear.

BENTELLI is the ultimate brand.

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